Winchester Gun made game-ready.


The method to make a prop or object game-ready is usually alike. First, the object is made in high-poly. This is usually done by using sub-division modeling techniques to get the smoothest surfaces and most realistic surfaces. If you want to know more about sub-division (also called sub-d modelling) take a look at this site: ........

Of course it is also possible to model the high-poly object yourself (without the help of the sub-d techniques, or use a combination of both on different parts of your object.

Now make a copy of the high-poly model. After this you remove as many edges as you can (read: keep the main form approximatly the same, and keep the silhouette interesting) from your object to get a low-poly model. General rules to keep in mind here are:

  1. if you have minor details or parts of a flat surface that only stick out for a few centimers, you can probably delete them and bake them in your normal map (more about this later)
  2. Don't loose too much of your silhouette! The low-poly silhouette has to approximate the high-poly one.

What I've learned

I've learned about every step in the pipeline for making a object/prop game-ready:

  1. Further practicing Sub-D modeling
  2. Baking high-poly to low-poly.
  3. Adjusting the baked normal in photoshop, adding details with nDO.
  4. Baking AO.
  5. Texturing diffuse, specular, gloss.