This movie shows a level designed to be developped in UDK (Unreal Developement Kit). Everything was done by me except for the models. They are part of the standard UDK-library (october 2010 version), but have been put together in a different and original way to form new objects. Furthermore it contains some particle effects, some standard materials have been altered, and some scripting was done to produce random flicker-lighting for the flames.

What I Did

This was a one man project.

What I've Learned

In this project I learned how to build basic levels in UDK. This implies:

  1. BSP build-up to make basic layout.
  2. Adjusting and creating materials (shaders).
  3. Reflection mapping (for real-time reflection of the ocean).
  4. Lightbaking, shadowbaking-settings, light-importance volumes
  5. Importing own meshes (through ASE or FBX), adding collission, adding fracture-parts.