UDK Particles

UDK scene with a demonstration of several possible particle effects in UDK. From realistic fire and electricity, to the spawning of meshes (meteorites) and 2D textures to give a 3D-looking effect (protection shield around platform).

The model was provided by my educational institution (DAE)

What I Did

This was a one man project.

What I've learned

I've learned some of the many capabilities of the Unreal Cascade particle effect engine. Some of those:

  1. Spawning meshes with textures (emissive unlit).
  2. Colission physics with physics boxes or other objects
  3. Laser beams with beam data.
  4. Locking you axis so the particle doesn't turn to the camera. This can be used to create 3D-feeling in 2D particles.
  5. Animating textures of particles with materials.
  6. Playing small animations with Sub UV's and Subimage index.
  7. Point attraction: interesting for pulling particles or pushing them away.
  8. Depth bias (in material-setup) to avoid harsh edges when particles intersect objects.
  9. Distorting the background (material setup) for example to fake heated air above a fire.