The client (Di-Group) wanted a digital walktrough-app for building that was still being build. The building was going to server as a network-hub where companies could rent meeting-rooms, have network-events and even could go and fitness. The app was meant to hand out as a kind of gadget during the opening and to provide extra info about all the different features in the rooms as well as providing a way to reserve the room immediately.

One Man Project

For this project I decided to work with UDK. They had proven to have a good engine for mobile iOS (infinity blade) and had expand their editor with the necessary features to easily preview and test the app.I implemented everything from the base. From importing, texturing, uv-lightmapping the models to providing interaction with the environment and UI-overlays.

Download for iOS:

The tedious part

The difficult part arose when the client also wanted an Android version. The UnrealEngine provided a way to compile to android but this couldn’t be done trough the editor. So the complete sourcecode of the unrealengine had to be downloaded and analyzed wich was a very instructive experience.

Download for Android: