This project was commissioned by Transfo Zwevegem. They wanted us to create a game that would bring attention to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Transfo Zwevegem Site in Zwevegem, Belgium. It's actually an old electricity-plant that has been shut down and is now used as a multifunctional site where people can come to party, watch art, dive into an renovated oil-bunker or be the daredevil on a thrilling obstacle parcour.

The project eventually evolved into 4 mini-games that can be played all around the site.


We used UDK and Unrealscript in combination with Kismet for the gamelogic.

Game 1: The Steaming Steampump

Goal: Three players have to work together to fill the battery with power by using the same methods the Transfo-plant used to produce power with.
Created by: Hannes Deville (Programmer), Jimmy Wuyts (Programmer), Geert de Cnodder (Environment Artist), Jasper Leys (Characters and animation), Jasper Kort (Environment Artist)

Game 2: The Shifting Switches

Goal: Three players have to work together to get the electricity where it is needed. Each player controls either one or two switches to change “lanes”.
Created by: Myself (Programmer), Bavo Debraekeleer (3D Artist)

Game 3: The Clattering Coals

Goal: Three players have to work together to get the right objects in the right holes.
Coal, and occasionally random junk, will come falling down the tube. Each Player has a rope connected to the tube which he can pull. This will cause the tube to move towards the player. If two player press at the same time the tube will end up in between those two players. This way the player can guide the tube to the right place. Junk has to go in the middle (every player has to press).
Created by: Hannes Deville (Programmer), Jasper Leys (3D Artist), Geert de Cnodder (Environment Artist)

Game 4: The Curly Cars

Goal: Three players have to try and beat each other by filling as many carts as possible in each wave. By pressing their button the indicator will move up and down the tracks, by releasing the player will throw coal towards his indicator.
Created by: Jimmy Wuyts (Programmer), Jasper Kort (Environment Artist)