Group Project

Made in between November 2010 and December 2010 by 4 people:

  1. Pol Kuijken
  2. Charlotte Vanroelen
  3. Jan Schuerman
  4. and myself..


Hue-man is a click-based side-scrolling 2.5D mini-game build in Unity3D where you have to change the colors of objects in the world to progress and kill the evil enemies of the colorful-empire (indeed, not gray and dark!). All this because some bastards took your lady-princess-friend away. So Hue-man, a brave knight with shield and armor sets off to face this big adventure(or small, it's a demo after all).

The game was made in 1 month with three other people as a school project. While Pol Kuijken and Charlotte Vanroelen conducted some great artwork, I was assisted by Jan Schuerman in programming the backbone of the game.


Making this game was an exercise in using the Unity3D engine. This is a free game-engine (at least the normal version) in which it is possible to develop advanced and great-looking games. In essence with Unity3D it is possible to develop 3D- as well as 2D- (or 2.5-) games but overall it is most used for 3D. It's got a build-in physics engine and extra scripts can be written in c# or a form of javascript. You can write your own shaders in Cg or HLSL but the code is wrapped into an older scripting language called ShaderLab, which is similar to Microsoft's .fx files or NVIDIA's CgFx.


Our hero is equipped with 3 incredible items (for those ages):

  1. His armor (Green)
  2. A sword (Red)
  3. A shield (Blue)

These items each have their own color and function.

Now, several items, and enemies in the world of Hue-man will be clickable and changeable of color. When clicked the objects colors changes into a next color and this with a cycle of red, green and blue (RGB, easy huh?). So suppose there is a block with the color Green, when you click it it will turn Blue, if you click it again it changes to Red an so on..

So what's the purpose of this?


There will be a remake of Hue-man in the future where he turns fully 2D. This because I sense the game could be stronger and more graphical in a 2D version, and since it was originally designed for a touch-device (iPod/iPad) this would benefit the hardware-specs and higher the comfort of playing on a small screen.

What I Did

  1. In general: Writing of C#/Javascript classes in Unity.
  2. In general: project management.
  3. Implementing general collission detection.
  4. I implemented picking of scene objects with raycasting.
  5. I adjusted some shaders in shaderlab/cg-program.
  6. Importing and adressing the animations of rigid bodies and characters, blending animations.
  7. Setup of the GUI, main menu, map..
  8. Made a random cloud generator.
  9. Recorded and implemented audo-cue's.

What I've learned

Since I took the team-lead of this project I'm now more experienced in being a project manager and delivering a product with a very tight deadline. I got to learn how to work with people who I didn't know and whom had different opinions. Furthermore I got to know Unity and its API:

  1. Raycasting
  2. Adjusting shaders in shaderlab/cg-program shaders
  3. Address animations, of rigid bodies and characters, blending them
  4. Setting up the GUI, buttons, sliders, labels...implementing your own layout
  5. Addressing audio.
  6. Addressing game objects for basic gameplay.