Hello! This is me!

Welcome. This was an attempt to make myself as a low-poly character. No normal maps were used (this could be the next step), only a simple diffuse texture. The mesh was skinned to a 3dsMax Biped and I animated the thing (it's still a thing right?) to do a tigerjump!

What I Did

This was a one man project.

What I've Learned

This was the first time I modeled a character (except for some simple cartoony stuff). I realised how complex the human face is and how essential small details are to make yourself recognisable. It was made in 3dsMax.

I learned:

  1. Unwrapping the human body, putting stitches on rarely visible places.
  2. The texture space of the face is far more important than the rest and thus should be bigger.
  3. Skinning an object (to a biped in this case), putting weights on vertices.
  4. Progressed in my animation skills.